5 Amazing Street Photographers on Instagram to Learn From

Street photography is one of our favourite types of photography because it is spontaneous, fun, entertaining and a great way to come across secret city spots. We have discovered London, Barcelona and Buenos Aires through the lens and learnt unique things about these great travel destinations thanks to the camera. Thankfully, we are not alone in our quest for portraiting cities, and the Internet has made it all the easier to share impressions and snapshots with other explorers who make beautiful images. Join us on the fun, and get inspired with these 5 amazing street photographers on Instagram to learn from.

Amazing Atmosphere

·         @garethpon

Gareth Pon is an amazing South African photographer whose work displays gorgeous atmospheres where rain, sunlight, fog and subtle particles work in favour of his pictures. 

Of gravity and flow #bluronpurpose Featuring @maxheyns #spotthegprocket

Una foto publicada por Gareth Pon (@garethpon) el

Tip: keep an eye out for textures on walls, and patterns of shadow and light. 

Seasonal Changes


Lindsay Crowder is an expert at capturing nature, right from within the city. Check out her feed and find inspiration from her unique way of appreciating seasonal changes, trees, flowers, and all amidst the streets and buildings. 

so many little pink things 🌸

Una foto publicada por Lindsay Crowder (@lec101) el

Tip: focus on the colours.

City Lifestyle


Leila has a knack for capturing the way the city behaves in terms of lifestyle. A coffee cup, a newspaper, traffic, and more, are all subjects of interest for this talented street photographer. 

Tip: include transport, cafés, and street art to add life and texture to your pictures. 



Vicky Navarro is not only a photographer, she is also an architect, and her lovely framework serves as proof. Two things to think about when framing a picture: what to include and what to leave out. Then consider how to balance the items you choose, inside the frame. 

🎶 Fat Freddy's Drop | Cortina Motors Our favorite spot 🐴💕 The Matcha Club 🤘🏽🍵

Una foto publicada por VickyNavarro (@lavicvic) el

Tip: Use narrow passageways and doorways to create leading lines. 



Dirk Bakker from Amsterdam brings his love of graphic design and architecture together to create amazing minimal style photos of colourful buildings, patters, and Mondrian-like lines. He also plays with contrast in sizes by photographing a huge structure, such as a building for example, with an ant-sized human beside it.  

Liv'in Colors . #Architecture #Amsterdam #SeeMyCity

Una foto publicada por Dirk Bakker (@macenzo) el

Tip: Look at the geometry of the city, where is it angular and where is it round? Use contrast to help you build the idea of size.