Through the Lens: Alternative Dating

Wining and dining is fun for some, however, if you’re bored with the same old restaurant routine, or want to bond in a more alternative way, there are plenty of creative and active dating options to bring you closer to your love interest. We’ve put together some of our favorite ideas, and welcome any suggestions from our readers to add to the list!

1-     Creative

  Photo by  Trojan_Llama

Photo by Trojan_Llama

Bring out your inner artists and inner daredevils to create a unique piece of street art together at a street art tour and workshop

Or, take a Foto Ruta Clue tour and discover the city together in a creative way, whilst learning a few photography tips in the process. Plus, you get to take home mementos from the date! 

2-     On a Budget

  Photo by  kodachrome65

Photo by kodachrome65

A fun and original date doesn’t have to be expensive, take a chess board and some wine to the park and test out each other’s intellects.

Or, chase the sun as it slowly sinks at one of London’s unique sunset spots

3-     Health and Wellbeing

 Photo by  Jasmine Kaloudis

Try partner yoga and get a feel good stretch while you bond in a loving and healthy environment. If you are paired up you can try a couples yoga class, and if not, Creative Yoga London also offers yoga dating and social yoga for those who want to get out and meet people! 

Dancing is another great way to engage with a significant other that includes action, emotion, seduction and fun! The catch is it’s got to be a twosome dance move like tango, swing, salsa or ballroom! Another option, for the foot shy, is to head to a unique dance show!

For competitive sporty spirits that like to keep it simple, just go on a run. Just remember to stretch together before the sweating and the endorphins kick in. The loser gets to pay for the post workout smoothies

4-     Adventure

 Photo by  Mik e

Photo by Mike

London is full of colorful climbing centers that challenge you to reach new heights. Help each other out to reach the top or compete to see who gets there first!

Another fun option for those that like adventure and tapping into the element of fantasy and imagination is a paintball date! Check out some London paintball venues here