Top Photography Workshops in London

London is well known for its photogenic nature due to its lovely light. Photographers and painters have taken advantage of the city’s striking beauty for centuries. Thankfully, there are plenty of workshops and tours to continue doing London justice through the lens. The following London photography workshops (including our Foto Ruta street photography tours)  will surely help you satiate your creative need to bask in its best light. 

1) For Early Birds and Night Owls

 Photo by  Apioni d

Photo by Apionid

Cities at Dawn offers workshops in London, Paris, Venice and Istanbul and, as its name implies, focuses on learning how to capture great pictures of the city sights under the mesmerizing light of dawn. More information here

 Photo by  Barney Moss

Photo by Barney Moss

36 Exposure on the other hand, offer a night photography workshop to practice your skills under the stars. They have two tripods that they can share, but if you have your own keep in mind you will use it! More information here.

2) For Creative Adventurers

 Photo by Foto Ruta

Photo by Foto Ruta

Foto Ruta offers two special tours and workshops that cater to adventurous and creative spirits looking for alternative fun ways to enjoy the camera and the city. One is the iPhoneography workshop and tour which gives you a chance to explore the possibilities of mobile photography and apps, and the other is the Foto Ruta Clue which includes a creative photography workshop and a map with clues that will lead you on a mysterious photographic bonanza around the city. Plus, after, you get a pro review of your pictures and a glass of wine! More information here

3) For Fashionistas and Voyeurs

 Photo by  Heaton Johnson

Photo by Heaton Johnson

Check out London Photographic Workshop if you want to learn about fashion photography or nude photography. The workshops give you the chance of working with models, and playing with lighting setups, and learning to enhance the human figure. You can also book 1 hour shoots with one of the models to practice your skills. More information here

 Photo by  Diego Marti n

Photo by Diego Martin

Rossella Vanon also offers workshops for fashion photography and indoor studio lighting and she is an experienced fashion photographer herself with tips that are not only limited to the art of the camera, but also extend to the business side of things. More information here

4) For Portrait Lovers

 Photo by  Nelson L.

Photo by Nelson L.

DSLR offers a wide range of workshops and they have a great portrait course for those that believe that faces are where stories can be found. Thwir workshops include information of history and concepts of portraiture as well as techniques for lighting, posing and more. Find out more about this course here.

5) For the Close to Pro

If your level is intermediate to advance and you want to take a special photography course in London, then don’t miss the Thorsten Overgaard Photo Seminar that will take place over four days in October with a focus on Leica cameras and tips for equipment, on site shooting and editing. Places are limited. More information here

 Photo by  Eric Kim

Photo by Eric Kim

The London School of Photography also has a great variety of workshops and courses to perfect on specific aspects of your picture taking, including a Career Coaching Workshop for those looking to take the next step. More information here