10 Must Have Photography Apps 2015

Mobile Camera Apps whether for iPhone or Android are great for regaining some manual control in a digital world. We encourage our iPhoneography Course students to shoot 'in app' and then use them to edit images and add filters and effects, and have fun with all the creative possibilities. Below are our 2015 top iPhone / Android Camera Apps, including some of our old favorites.


Capturing Pictures

iPhone Tour Foto Ruta London.jpg

Pro Camera 8:

Those looking for more control at the moment of shooting will love this app which features manual exposure settings, adjustable shooting grids, HDR, image stabilizers and the possibility of saving photos in TIFF files as well as controlling file size. It includes a set of filters and editing tools which you can also use on imported images. Purchase it for £3.99 here.


Although very similar to Pro Camera 8, Camera + has a great layout for selecting focus and exposure areas as well as a digital zoom that allows for a macro effect. If close-ups are your thing and you like to control all the details in your pictures then Camera + is for you. Find it here for £2.29. 

Lens and Filters


This is a great app if you like to choose your film and lens settings, both before taking pictures, and after. Plus, it’s free and you can download it here.


A very popular app, and one of our favorites. It is available both for iOS and Android and has a great range of filters inspired by analogue photography that you can tweak to your liking for a soft and finished touch. It is also free, which is an added plus, although additional filters have a cost. Find it for iOS here.

Photo Editing

 Photo by Dirk Singer

Photo byDirk Singer


A definite go-to tool for editing as it is easy to use, and also very complete. It includes a selective adjustment tool, to edit specific parts of the picture, and also a variety of filters and effects, free of charge. Download it from here

Filterstorm Neue:

If you’re interested in a more advanced editing tool, then Filterstorm Neue is the right choice. It allows you to tamper with curves, and also, be more specific about adjusting different parts of the picture.  Buy it for £2.99 here


 Photo by  Jason Staten

Photo by Jason Staten


Need it be introduced? The best thing about Instagram is that it combines simple photo editing with a social network with which to share and exchange beautiful pictures. Get it for free here.

Fun, Games and Special Effects

 Photo by  Adnan Islam

Photo by Adnan Islam


If you liked out post about motion and want to try out some cinemagraph styles, then download this app and make your pictures move, if only ever so slightly. A great app to just have some fun and play. Download it for free here.


Due to the camera lens on Smartphones, there is often a deformation in straight lines when photographed from certain angles. SKRWT corrects the effect of the slight deformation of the lens on the image and makes perspective flawless. Buy it for £1.49 here.

For the Seriously Serious

 phoyo by  Claudio Vaccar o

phoyo by Claudio Vaccaro

Sun Seeker:

Light lovers and professional outdoor photographers will certainly appreciate the quality information regarding the position of the sun that this very practical app offers. It shows solar paths, hour intervals, sunset and sunrise times and more. Buy it for £7.99 here.