Foto Ruta's Pick of Top 20 Photography Blogs

One of the great things about the Internet is that it gives us a lot of independence to develop skills, share our work and derive creative inspiration from others. This is especially true for photography as it is one of the preferred mediums of communication in the hyperactive virtual world. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and the variety of blogs for photographers proves it. 

On the down side, the copious amounts of information on the web today make finding what we want or what is best a feat all in itself which is why, at Foto Ruta, we have put together our pick of top 20 photography blogs that are sure to have either the perfect tip for the perfect picture, or the ideal platform to spread your visual ideas!

For creative inspiration:

Creativity feeds on creativity and exposing oneself to the talent and works of others is the ideal way to ensure inspiration is constantly regenerated. Spend some time browsing through the following photography blogs and you will be sure to feed you inner creative sources!


 Photo by  Hartwig HKD

Photo by Hartwig HKD

The Inspiration Grid makes great selections of works by different photographers and artists and is the perfect resource to find new upcoming names.

For images of cities, landscapes and “common people”, theyshootfilm is definitely a blog to look into, especially because they shoot everything in 35mm and have a unique way of approaching format.


 photo by  PHOTO BY     STACIE


The Sartorialist is probably one of fashion photography's most iconic blogs and is the online people watcher par excellence as it registers the fashion of people on the streets.

Gloutir on the other hand is a great blog to stop by to find out more about the hottest fashion photography shoots and campaigns of the moment.




Not only are David Du Chemin’s photographs amazing, his blog also includes reflections on the art of the camera, useful tips and an interesting recap of his experiences.

Stuck inCustoms by Trey Rattcliff is another great travel photography blog with a lot of technical information, free tutorials and tips, and of course, beautiful pictures.


Brian Matiash’s blog is wonderfully clear and has photography tips and techniques galore for those interested in landscape photography.

Karen Hutton writes an upbeat blog in relation to landscape photography with information including tips with a focus more on inspiration and creativity.


 photo by    PER GOSCH    E

photo by PER GOSCHE

The online resources for learning are never ending and we have chosen four blogs for photographers that are great for sourcing knowledge:

Photo Focus is the blog to go to for a traditional learning approach and is full of tips, tutorials and examples to study and perfect your technique.

DIYPhotography is all about straightforward writing that gives you insight and tools to further your photography potential.

Photography Concentrate is a fun-loving blog led by Lauren and Rob who are glad to educate aspiring photographers with colourful and didactic blog posts.

A Photo a Day is a network that, as its name suggests, publishes a photo a day. It also has a very useful educational angle as if you sign up and submit your pictures, you get feedback and tips from other photographers around the world.


 photo by    DILEXA>

photo by DILEXA>

Once you’ve perfected your skills and are taking shots that you want the whole world to see, you should stop by and sign up at Flickr, and Behance.

You can also submit your pictures to Unsplash, a photography blog that publishes 10 new photos every 10 days for pubic sharing. This is also a great source for creative inspiration.

Otherwise, Ain’tBad Magazine is dedicated to promoting new photographic art and hosts thematic call for entries.




Once you’re ready to take your photography to the next level, reading up on the business side of things will give you the added information and ideas you need to not only show but also sell your work. Check out Ground Glass for an honest and to the point perspective of the behind the cameras scene, or stop by Foto Seeds, a more general photography blog with great business tips.

Gifts and photography accessories:

If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to unique and creative photography gadgets, then make sure to stop by Photo Jojo and splurge.