Our Favorite Nude Magazine Covers of All Time

Ever since Adam and Eve dressed up in skimpy leaves, culture has been fascinated by nudity. In drawings, paintings, sculptures, films, photography and to the plain naked eye, the human body has been the most sought out covered up of naked truths, like a tempting red apple. Fashion, advertising, and magazines are well aware of the pull of skin and have been playing hide and seek with it for decades. Below, our pick of magazine covers of uncovered bodies.


Famous erotic model Candy Earle posed for the cover of this 1960’s men magazine portraying a quirky battle of the sexes in the buff! The tan lines are a tell tale sign of the times, when photographs were analogue and Photoshop did not exist.


Photographer Frank Bez and actress Angie Dickinson collaborated for this shot and only afterwards sold it to Esquire. The concept was shooting a “non-nude nude” and has since been copied over and over again for its simple yet powerful suggestive style.



Annie Liebovitz is known for her stunning photography and this 1981 Rolling Stones magazine cover is the epitome of the iconic nude. Its strong matriarchal undertone would have been unthinkable thirty year earlier- a revolutionary image that has stuck in pop culture as a symbol of love.

Years later, the same photographer snapped a shot of undressed Kiera Knightly and Scarlett Johansson with clothes clad fashion designer Tom Ford, in this Vanity Fair picture which was then spoofed by the magazine itself into a funny shot of Hollywood comedians in flesh colored tights.

Another iconic nude magazine cover by Annie Liebovitz for Vanity Fair featured a pregnant Demi Moore, which was later replicated with many pregnant celebrities throughout the years. It was also parodied by Spy magazine, an out of print publication that satirized pop culture.

Pop and Fashion

And speaking of pop culture, Kim Kardashian is one of its highest grossing exponents nowadays and well known for posing naked. What we liked about this shot is the Barbara Kruger like reference with text on red, reflecting on the image and giving it additional content value.

Love magazine’s fashion icon series, featuring sculptural images of top models scantily clad in tape is about as couture as nudity can get with Naomi’s issue being the top pick for its impeccable style.



Sports is another area in which the body is revered, and similar to fashion, produces stylized and sculpture like images of nudity. Our favorites are ESPN’s The Body Issues, featuring covers of renowned athletes with ripped muscles in perfect poses.