London Underground in Photos

The London Underground is a bit of an institution, having surviving World Wars, busy commuters and lots of changes over the years. It's almost worthy of some accolades (8th wonder of the World?), considering its sheer history, diversity and size. Not only that, the much used transport system has of course been featured in several films, including James Bond, Sliding Doors and... Underground (yep, we'd not heard of that one either).

When it comes to photography, stations such as Kings Cross, Victoria, Liverpool Street, Holborn and Waterloo, and the thousands passing through them, provide endless shooting material for photographers looking to capture the heart of the city. Then there are the more obscure and (supposedly) inaccessible stations that photographers venture down into, eager to get a unique shot of eery passageways and dilapidated platforms.

As a nod to London's iconic transport system, we thought we'd take a look at some of the great photos taken of it over the years:

 Photo Credit:  Jaan Cornelius K.

Photo Credit: Jaan Cornelius K.

This clever shot successfully captures the buzz of commuters with its use of slow shutter speed, giving an almost time lapse effect. The photographer has also obviously got down low to ensure he captures every detail from the ground up.

 photo credit:  Matt buck

photo credit: Matt buck

Captured at Chalk Farm station, the great use of colour, leading lines and a wide angle shot makes this photo really stand out. It's very representative of the underground today (excluding the almost empty platform of course), with the iconic underground signs and tiling set against huge sprawling advertisements.

 photo credit:  matt Buck

photo credit: matt Buck

Taken outside of Stratford Station, this shot is almost like an optical illusion, making great use of reflections and colour.

 photo credit:  chris Brown

photo credit: chris Brown

This striking black and white photo of London's Underground is enhanced by the bright light and shapes above contrasting with the dark silhouettes of commuters below.

 Photo credit:  Chris brown

Photo credit: Chris brown

Another photo from the photographer above but this time using colour to the max and powerful leading lines that completely draw you in. 

 Photo credit:  allen watkin

Photo credit: allen watkin

Taken at Elephant & Castle station, this photo's heavy saturation works surprisingly well and almost makes it look like a painting rather than a photo.

 photo credit:  Allen Watkin

photo credit: Allen Watkin

This unique 'behind the scenes' photo wonderfully displays workers back in the day, happily shovelling their way through the Underground... You would almost believe it was a fun place to work.

 photo credit:  Lucasz Lech

photo credit: Lucasz Lech

Another great black and white shot that brilliantly captures the sheer speed of the tube contrasted with the stillness along the platform.

 photo Credit:  Kevin Mcdonagh

photo Credit: Kevin Mcdonagh

The wide angles and well framed positioning of this shot perfectly demonstrates the expanse of the London Underground and the rare occasion it is seen empty.

 photo credit:  @missunderground

photo credit: @missunderground

This photo from Instagram user @missunderground, automatically draws you in with its perfect framing, leading lines and use of colour. For Underground fanatics (or those who just appreciate a beautifully captured shot) then this account is well worth a follow.