Christmas Party Ideas in London to Make you the Most Popular Person in the Office

Office Christmas parties can mean one of two things or possibly both; A) An extravaganza of team building games and cringe inducing group activities or B) a badly planned, drunken night dinner and drinks out that brings about varying degrees of shame to the majority of the office. 

So, if you’re the one in control of this year’s office shindig, take five minutes to look at this list of creative Christmas activity ideas and make it a good one.

Paint Jam London    

 Photo by  John Morgan

Photo by John Morgan

Paint Jam offers different plans for a colourful Christmas party including daytime, afternoon and nocturnal activities. Some of their options are their Classic Paint Jam Party, Arty Tea Party, Christmas card making workshop and more. Not only will everyone get a chance to explore their creative side and play, while munching, sipping, and listening to great music, but they will also get a chance to make a Christmas card, take home a memento or even make a present for someone.  Find out more about Paint Jam London Christmas parties here

Dans le Noir

 (Photo by  Colton Witt )

(Photo by Colton Witt)

Eating and drinking in the dark may sound daunting to some, but there is something about turning off the sense of sight and turning all the others on! Plus, the events are guided by blind guides and the food is made from fresh, top quality, organic ingredients. And, it is a wonderful way to enhance team building. Also, Dans le Noir has a lit bar and private lounge to continue the partying once the sensorial experience has been fulfilled. More information about their corporate Christmas Party events here

Molecular Gastronomy Workshop

 Photo by  John Wardel L

Photo by John WardelL

Molecular gastronomy is one part cooking, one part science with transformation as part of the core experience that makes it one part alchemy too. Getting the office crowd to play with gels, foams, and creative edibles all together is bound to be a blast, and educational too! Find out more about Molecular Gastronomy Workshops led by  Jozef Youssef  here.


 Photo by  Benny Mazur

Photo by Benny Mazur

Carousel offers a traditional Christmas Party plan, in great style, but also, two unique options. One of them is a Narnia themed party, wardrobe entrance included; the other is a Turkish themed immersive dining experience with many treats and colourful entertainment.

Rebel Bingo at The Hospital Club

 (Photo by  David Olive R)

(Photo by David OliveR)

The Hospital Club offers creative events tailored to anyone’s liking, and moreover offer the option of a rambunctiously fun Christmas gathering featuring the bad-ass and popular Rebel Bingo gang to motivate everyone to go after the big prize. You will also certainly be the most popular person in the office with this one, so it’s win-win all around. More information about Hospital Club events here.

For more creative Christmas Party events, funky venues and unique catering also check out and