Food Photography: Picture Perfect Dining Shots

Food is traditionally associated with the sense of taste, however, all senses are present in the experience of eating, and sight is no exception. So tantalizing and pleasurable is it to eat, so fully satisfying, and so tempting to the eye is food, that #foodporn is considered by some to be the cause of an obesity crisis in the UK!  Others argue that taking out one’s camera in the middle of a gastronomic rendezvous is questionable from the point of view of etiquette, while another group just cannot understand what could possible be so interesting about looking at the picture of strawberries, soups or sandwiches. But, there must be something about it to have caused such a havoc, and we believe that food is indeed an interesting photography subject, not just because it’s delicious to eat but because food is energy, process, colour, shape, sensuality, and culture. To prove it, at Foto Ruta we have picked some picture perfect dining shots that illustrate our point, and we have also included some resources with tips for you to try food photography yourself. 

1-     Picture Perfect Dining Shots

Food Narratives:

We know you’re not supposed to play with food but we love the way that food photography has been used to illustrate concepts in these photographs.

 (Being unique is EGGcellent by   Zamzara  )

(Being unique is EGGcellent by Zamzara)

 (Now you know where vegetables come from- by   Dennis Skley  )

(Now you know where vegetables come from- by Dennis Skley)

Colour Palate

Food is a universe of colour and some photographers like to focus on the chromatic aspect of the munchies when capturing their shots.

 (Oktoberfest Pumpkins by   Chris Goldberg  )

(Oktoberfest Pumpkins by Chris Goldberg)

 (Salmon by   ChefSteps  )

(Salmon by ChefSteps)

 Ceviche by  Jocelyn Mandryk/ Foto Ruta

Ceviche by Jocelyn Mandryk/Foto Ruta

Fun Fact: Did you know?

That the colours we see affect the flavours we savour? The general consensus is that blue and greens are palate turn-offs and that yellows and reds are mmm. More on that here.


Food is also a marker of culture, and describes the customs and traditions of people and places.

 (Iceland supermarket- by   Richard Allaway )

(Iceland supermarket- by Richard Allaway)

 (Yoghurt-Dhaka by   nasir khan  )

(Yoghurt-Dhaka by nasir khan)

(Cuy- Cuzco by Shawn Harquail)

2-     Food Photography Resources

A-    How tos and tips: There is plenty of information on the internet regarding how to take great pictures of food. This post by Serious Eats is really complete.

B-    Where to share and find inspiration: Instagram is of course the best known platform to be promiscuous with your #foodporn,  and, for images and articles is like a well stocked pantry of information and visuals.

C-    Apps: Of course a good editing tool will help you really boost the flavour of your photographs. We recommend VSCO cam for food photography and more, but you can also try Vibrantly, which is designed for quick photo editing of food photography. Also, find the best places to eat with Foodspotting.