Foto Ruta Londoner

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Foto Ruta Londoner

from 29.25

Our bite-size weekend workshops are designed for Londoners (and visitors to the city) who want to focus on a particular photography skill in an interactive and fun way whilst exploring a unique area of the city and putting their new found learnings into practice. 

The Foto Ruta Londoner teaching approach combines short, fun and inspiring creative workshops with on shoot practice and tuition, followed by immediate interactive and constructive feedback. 

Each session includes:

- Professional photographer tutor and guide
- Creative and interactive workshop 
- Independent & guided exploration of the area with tutor
- Professional feedback over a glass of wine

Forthcoming Foto Ruta Londoner Sessions (sessions can be taken individually or bought as a package of 4) 

- Beginner Bite-Size 
- Street Photography 101
- Portraits & People
- Capturing a Sense of Place
- Markets & Munchies
- Architecture & Landscapes
- Documentary Photography

For dates and more information email

£55 per individual session
£190 for 4 x sessions 


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